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View Thread: Would you like to see a Visual Studio Beta 3?
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    How about when I copy 'n paste a bunch of the same control, provide some means of tabbing through particular properties as I set them.

    For example, I am collecting visitor information (name, address, etc...) so I drag a bunch of TextBoxes onto the design surface.  I'd like to be able to select all of those text boxes with (CTRL), then have the property editor treat them as a group OR collection.  So have a button to toggle between the group behavior as it exists now and a collection behavior.  In the collection behavior, I could hit "TAB" or some other button to move to the next control in the collection.  That would make setting the ID's for a bunch of controls a lot quicker.

    I know this is just a silly little feature suggestion, but since this was a recent post, I thought it'd be okay.