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    There's no reason to vote for one or the other, atleast without a context.

    As far as .NET making less capable, lazier programmers, I think thats not true at all.  A programming language should not determine the characteristics of a programmer, it's just a tool.  Perhaps you could argue that .NET allows lazier, less capable programmers to write (bad) software easier, but it has no affect on good or even decent programmers.

    C++ is the language of choice for all CSE classes at my school (Michigan State University) so I get lots of exposure to that.  Thats the main reason I choose to do projects on my own in .NET, giving me exposure and experience to both C++ (from school) and .NET (on my own).  I think both have a place in software engineering.

    Besides, techinically you can program in C++ under .NET so the question doesn't even make sense.