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3 Tiered Data grids? 3 levels of details?

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    I have a listbox and 2 data grids. The listbox and 1st datagrid work good in master/detail mode using a relationship in the dataset. I also have a relationship between tables 2 and 3, and would like the selection in datagrid 2 to update datagrid 3. How can I do this?

    listbox1.datasource = dataset
    listbox1.displaymember = "Table1.Field1"

    (datagrid2) 'Should show data in table 2 based on what is selected in listbox1
    datagrid2.datasource = dataset
    datagrid2.datamemeber = "Table1.Relation1"

    (datagrid3) 'Should show data in table 3 based on what is selected in datagrid2
    datagrid3.datasource = dataset?
    datagrid2.datamemeber = "Table2.Relation2"?

    So datagrid3 does not update as I select fields in datagrid2. What is the corret way to do this?

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    It's this:
    datagrid2.datamember = "Table1.Relation1.Relation2"

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