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A possible explanation for duplicate entries in Contacts on my WP7

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    Doctor Who

    I've posted a message in this forum before about having several duplicate entries in my Contacts on my Windows Phone.  Now, I've got a possible explanation for what might be happening, but I'm not sure who, or how, to tell anyone at Microsoft about it.  When I set up my Windows Phone, naturally I entered my cell phone number, email, etc.  And of course when I first set this up, it went to my Live ID and downloaded all of my contacts from there, to put onto my phone.  Now, I have in my contacts in my Live ID account, an entry for my contact information at work.  I've got a different Live ID, which also have my email, but I also put in my cell phone number into that entry.  The same one that's associated with my Windows Phone.  Might this have caused some sort of Ouroboros like activity with the software that manages Contacts in the Windows Phone, at least prior to Mango (I don't know if Mango fixes this or not)?

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