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View Thread: A question on XP support in VC11
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    , evildictaitor wrote

    What we are complaining about is being able to compile C++11 (<thread> and others, ranged based for loop, etc.) code to into binaries that run on XP SP3 and above.


    Yeah. You can't do that - and that's the fault of your customers. They want XP. Give your customers what they want. And that's a program written in C++ < 11 using a toolchain < VS2011.

    This is simply bizarre.

    We say that a lot of our customers, as well as a lot of users in general, worldwide, are still on XP. We ask Microsoft to please reconsider their decision to drop support for XP. We say that without such support we won't be able to use VC11, which would be a shame.

    Your reaction is: we have bad customers. What? Really??