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View Thread: A question on XP support in VC11
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    , spivonious wrote

    A somewhat related question...what's VB6 support like on Windows 7? I'd say 90% of our apps are written in VB6 and migrating them to .NET would be a huge effort.

    in general normal stuff should work.  really you need to just start testing the apps and find out.

    heck there are a lot of things that a "vb6 app" might do that could be an issue and you have to know what the app does.

    for example: trying to write files in folders that apps are not supposed to use.  in say windows 95 or windows 2000 the app generally worked .... but in vista or 7 the same app would have issues.

    vista will be more in-your-face about it.  in fact i would even say test the app with vista ...

    if it works there then 7 should be fine.

    if vista complains see if it can be updated to fix it.

    if not you have two options: 

    1)  application compatibility settings

    2)  xp Mode - the virtual pc running xp that is a free part of windows 7.


    app compat settings:  as i recall there is a tool from MS to help with creating a profile to run the app on the new os with some settings to "smooth over" some issues.

    if all else fails XP Mode can run a lot of old stuff and to the user it looks like they are not even using a virtual machine other than the "window chrome" is the XP style.