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    @STL: For me it'd be interesting to have a discussion of C++11 generic programming (GP) and template meta-programming (TMP) applied to design. C++11 introduced a couple of new features, like constexpr and enable_if that make GP & TMP more user-friendly.

    My favorite project would be a multi-lecture series on topics in "Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied" by Andrei Alexandrescu and a discussion on what's a "Modern C++11 Design" way. If that's too ambitious, perhaps a good single-lecture would be to cover Chapter 1, Policy-Based Class Design, with full use of newly introduced C++11 features to achieve more expressive/simpler/higher-performing code?

    This is sort of along the lines of Herb Sutter writing a few new (or updated) Guru of the Week Items for the C++11 era. Smiley