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An opinion about windows 10 pc and windows 10 phone

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    i have a great idea about windows 10. But the question is why is it still doesn't exists in the windows 10. because it should.

    Here is my idea.

    Syncing Texts and calls between phone to pc(both windows 10). A system setting or third party app you can build. but still there isn't.  the android have a. but windows 10 doesn't. it is really important. and it will increase windows 10 phone users around the world. I have the basic theory. please contact me on

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    They were working on a messaging app that would do just this, and I thought it even was in the Insiders builds for a bit. Last I heard they postponed the functionality and were thinking about putting it into Skype, or something along those lines.

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    I think part of that has been done already.

    When my Lumia 950XL receives SMS or missed call, my PC logging in using the same LiveID receive that as well. When my WhatsApp receives message, it's on my PC too. When The Sims Freeplay sends notification say someone have finished work, my PC receives it too.

    I think the action center of both systems has been linked already.

    For the call history and SMS content part, I think it's like what wkempf suggested - it's linked in Skype. Since I don't use Skype I cannot verify that.

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    @wkempf: I think the Anniversary update took care of the notification far as shared message history, I think this will be coming in the next Skype update.

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