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[Ask] Clues on Developing WP App

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    Hi guys Smiley ,

    I want to develop an app for WP but I'm still a noob. There are many apps out there on marketplace that retrieve data from websites, such as Weather Apps, Social Apps (Facebook, Twitter), Feed Reader Apps, etc. How are those apps get all the data and then send all the inputs, which users put in, back to the server?

    Is it also the same process for desktop apps as well? Do you have any recommendation book for this kind of topic using C#?

    Sorry, if my English is bad Embarassed.

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    @watermelon: Web services using WCF.

    Yes. I have no specific recommendations, but there are tons of books and resources on WCF. Here's a free book on programing Windows Phone 7 apps.

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    Thank you spivonius Smiley. Guess that I have to learn WCF first then WP.

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    There are so many tutorials out there. Just search the internets for whatever webapi you want to get informations from, the most important ones are already done. If you want to have clean code that can be reused across platforms, look for the MVVM pattern.

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