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Azure ACS for PhoneGap web application

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    Hi all,

    Although this is the first time I'm forwarding a question here, I occasionally find answers to my questions here, so first of all, thanks!

    Have someone tried to implant Azure ACS in a PhoneGap project?

    I have a working mobile web application (FrontEnd based on MVC + JQM) that i want to convert into a PhoneGap project in order to have a "native client" application.

    The application users management based on ACS and forms authentication membership.

    I wonder how can I work with the STS token? my first thought is writing a WCF service which will be approached by the client (the mobile device) on success (by realm parameter). the service will authenticate the token and will redirect the application to the authorized zone.

    Am I missing something? is there a better faster way to do that?

    Thanks in advance!

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