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Backing up and updating ( "Windows Update" ) Hyper-V

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    I can't find any information on this anywhere and frankly doubt that anyone here knows it but here goes... I wonder...

    1. Is it possible to backup the Hyper-V? Not the machines running inside it but the hypervisor itself? ( Not talking about Win2k8R2+Hyper-V but the Hyper-V "standalone" server )
    2. If I install the "standalone" Hyper-V server on a machine which is say at an ISP. How do I update this thing? Do I have to go there physically? ( Again, not talking about Win2k8R2+Hyper-V but the Hyper-V "standalone" server )

    I know that you can "manage" it by connecting to it from a remote PC via the Hyper-V manager thingy but that doesn't offer any kind of backup nor updating it. o.O

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    1. You shouldn't have to back it up, if you do you are doing it wrong. The entire aim of virtualisation is that the host machine should be transparent and thus there shouldn't be anything there that can't be recovered by simply reinstalling.

    2. You can remote into the Host OS and configure Windows Update or run it manually, IIRC their is an option in the console app that runs by default or you can just use the command line. Alternatively you can configure WU using group policy and then schedule reboots as appropriate.

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    Regarding the number 1 issue, what you mean is I should put the stuff on a SAN in case the server dies, I just reinstall another Hyper-V hypvervisor server and attach to it?

    About number 2, I'm not sure if I got it. Can I remote into the Hyper-V hypervisor? I didn't think it had any kinds of RDP? or do you mean I can connect to it by PowerShell?


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    For 1, yes everything of importance should be on SAN volumes. That way not only can you fix a broken server simply by reinstalling, but also you'll having everything set up in a way that allows easy migration between Hyper-V instances.

    As for 2, yep you can Remote Desktop into a Hyper-V host, it's a bit weird as you just get a command window floating in an empty screen but it still works. Obviously PS is also an alternative and handy if you have to manage lot of them.

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