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Coding Interview Question

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    An old co-worker uses this as his interview question and I'm curious about how you might solve it.

    "Given an array of integers, find the mean and the frequency"

    The mean is very simple, but the frequency part is where different methodologies can come in.  Feel free to show and explain your process.  There is no right or wrong way, it's just a test of your intelligence/creativity.  

    //TODO: Find the frequency
    int[] intArray
    int meanDivisor = intArray.Count();
    int meanToBeDivided = 0;
    foreach(int number in intArray)
        meanToBeDivided += number;
    var mean = meanToBeDivided / meanDivisor;


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    This isn't a great interview question, because it's not really about programming, it's about knowledge - namely what is the mean and the frequency.

    Instead, ask someone a question that encourages them to think about how to solve the question, like, write me a function that returns TRUE if the parameter is a prime number or not, or write me the backend to a login form for a website - and see whether they want to hash and salt and iterate the passwords, and whether they have a SQL injection in their code and so on.

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    Under pressue I'd probably use a Dictionary with the number as the key and the count as the value and build it as I looped through finding the mean.

    I'm sure there are better ways to do it though.

    And I'm generally against programming tests during an interview. I wouldn't be applying for the job if I didn't know how to program.

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    LINQ makes this easy.

    var mean = myIntArray.Average();

    var  duplicates =  from val in myIntArray group val by val into result where result.Count() > 1 select new { Item = val.Key, ItemCount = val.Count() };

    foreach(var i in duplicates){  Debug.WriteLine(string.Format("The word {0} has {1} number of occurrences ", i.Item, i.ItemCount)); }


    I find asking questions about technology is more valuable when interviewing a coder's skillset. Probably because I feel comfortable knowing what answers are relevant and revealing.

    Many interviewees find coding exercises too nerve-racking, even some who shouldn't be intimidated at all. I might save that for a leadership role interview. Not sure.

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    @spivonious: An alternative depending on the question constraints is to just use an int array, treating the indices as the keys.

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