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Controlling servo with kinect and arduino

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    Hi guys, am wondering if there's any up-to-date guides on controlling a single servo motor with kinect and arduino out there. Appreciate any help!

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    This guy has a blog and demo app:  Hitec HS311 servo is connected to 5V power supply on Tahoe board  and yellow control wire is connected to GPIO pin 1

    and his video

    Kinect you can find information about using search engines easily enough...

    Arduino is a micro-controller board, like the Tahoe mentioned above.

    their forum,37607.0.html


    Use Bing!      I'm not Jochen... (joking).. har.har.

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    thanks for the info, however i still have problems trying to figure out how to get both kinect and arduino to work together. Any insight on that?

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    , kinectardui‚Äčno wrote

    thanks for the info, however i still have problems trying to figure out how to get both kinect and arduino to work together. Any insight on that?

    That's what you're to code in .NET.

    Get kinect input and output to arduino to actuate servo, right?

    Kinect and Arduino have APIs to use with .NET code.

    EDIT: again =>

    Kinect has loads of reference material on this site...

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    sorry, am pretty foreign to all these programming languages when i was given the task, able to break it into simpler terms?

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    API = application programming interface

    This is the 'library' of code bits that allows a developer to talk to a device, be it a kinect or netduino or arduino. A programmer like me will use C# .NET and write software that uses the 'library' (DLL) provided by the device manufacturer and the methods within it to talk or listen to the device.

    One API will be provided with the Kinect.

    Another API will come with the arduino - a.k.a. programmable controller board (PCB).

    The .NET programmer will write software that will accept input from the Kinect (i.e. a guy waves his hand at the Kinect) and send that signal into a method within the arduino DLL. Sending the arduino an instruction (i.e. 'actuate servo') from the .NET program will complete your task.

    1. buy the devices and install their APIs onto your development machine

    2. download sample programs that operate Kinect and others samples that operate arduino

    3. examine the sample programs for code that is similar to what your goal describes

    4. write your own code to listen to the Kinect and speak to the arduino

    5. you'll have setup the arduino to actuate your servo - and you don't ask about that part in this forum, but you can use Bing! and the arduino forums.

    Good luck. Patience is required, as well as gumption and spunk. Deliver.


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