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Create images that fly out in blend

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    I am a developer with no prior knowledge or experience with blend and I am having a really hard time trying to utilize it with my app. I am making a game in windows 8 and so far everything works but I am having a hard time with the game animations that I am creating in blend. 

    What I am making is box that will have images fly out of it while the user tries to click on each image to transform it to something else. So far I have the code to transform the image which is this:

    Image1.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;
    Image2.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;

    And in blend I can make the animation to make the images fly up but how would I go about making a ton of them come from below the frame of the page -> out of the box -> into the air so the user can hit them to transform?

    Any help would be great guys!

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    First I would say that you need to learn about how to create and edit a "Story Board" in Blend.

    then you can attach them to Events or to code behind.

    Storyboards are used in WPF and Silverlight to describe a set of transform steps of a visual on the screen from one state to another and use a timeline to control the speed and make sure that at runtime you get a smooth flow between states.

    for example you could make a picture appear starting as a tiny square and zoom larger while spinning around until it stops at 100% size and is upright on the screen. you can time the process to take say 2 seconds.

    if it's to slow the blend editor can allow you to adjust the timeline to run faster but still end up with the picture upright and at 100% size when it finishes.

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