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DDK and VS2010 error MSB8008

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    I don't know what to do next. Last version was installed, I also compile it as it was said in installation guide. But when I tried to build KBDCLASS example I got:

      error MSB8008: Specified platform toolset (WindowsKernelModeDriver8.0) is not installed or invalid

    And I try to change platform variable in project configuration. 8.0 was replaced with 7.1, 7.6 and other numbers, but still nothing.

    Maybe anyone know how to set platform toolset? Or maybe other driver projects which can help to connect my C# programm with keyboard and mouse? I want to connect Kinect with devices to  play any game I want, and something like HID-drivers is the way to do it.

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    try the Beta/Consumer Preview Bits

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