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Data Binding for Blend

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    I wish to add some database related functionalities to my Silverlight website. I made the site in expression Blend. Conventionally, we define a connection string using which we can execute a query on a database. Now, in my case the C Panel has a panel for db admin.

    I am confused how should I get the connection string to get my queries going on the site??

    The database is hosted on the site that is hosting my site.

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    @shashank.ash: Silverlight follows the classic seperation of client and server.  If you have developed a dynamic ( database driven) ajax website you may know that  there are two parts to such websites one html client and other server side component which can be either asp , php, cgi or any other things ... client part just does limited of function on browser ... where as actual database related to functions are done in the server side by asp, php, cgi etc.

    Similarly Silverlight is a client side technology which performs all its functions within the bounds of the browser .. for all other functions like database access etc .. you need to develop server side component which  normally is  RIA service, WCF Service or Webservice.

    If you are designing Silverlight app thinking it to be just like a Desktop application, then you are on the wrong track and should try to learn about silverlight from silverlight sites...

    If you are just trying to convert a desktop application into silverlight for its graphical abilities but want to make db access etc easily then you can look at WPF ...

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