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View Thread: Debugger visualization for VS2008/2012 that can view byte arrays like a hex editor with text column?
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    When I break on a code and there's a byte[] myBuffer and I hover over the myBuffer, I get a long scrollable list of decimals or maybe hex.

    I would like to have an option to instead view the array in similar view as the "memory view" with 16 hex columns and 16 ascii or unicode side by side.

    This should come from hover + right click on the myBuffer and selecting the option.

    Also I'd like the following, just as a shortcut to view the memory, or is there a hot key to do this when you are hovering over a variable?

    Middle click of the myBuffer, should open the memory view or similar, range bounded (not allowing to scroll to earlier than or after the myBuffer memory) to the myBuffer memory and with option to unbound the range, so memory prior and after the buffer can be scrolled into.