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View Thread: Delay Caused by Delete Operation Produces on a Write Operation: The Network File System Misbehaves
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    Since I have been disappointed with various backup computer programs that I have had the displeasure to use, I wrote my own.  I'm pleased with my program.  While archiving a set of files to a network share, I find my program is sometimes informed by Windows that the share has become disconnected when, in reality, it has not.   Today a backup attempt terminated early in error when I initiated in parallel deletion of a 100 gigabyte file on the share that was simultanously being written to.  Apparently the time consuming deletion operation caused a stall on the file writing operation and that was decided by Windows to be a timeout/disconnection of the share.  This is hardly the behavior that I expect from Windows.  I used try/catch to prevent an egregious mystery, but the report from Windows fails to accurately describe the "error" for what it is:  an expected delay on the write caused by external factors.  Delay is not necessarily pathognomonic of disconnection.