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Dragging non-http[s] links from Internet Explorer

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    In trying to debug a feature that used to work fine it appears that IE8 and above (and possibly IE7) don't allow dragging of any non http[s] links. e.g. mailto, ftp and custom protocols cannot be dragged.

    e.g. http link, ftp link, mailto link - only the http link can be dragged in the copies of IE8 and 9 I have access to, whereas all can be dragged from IE6 and Chrome.

    Does anyone know:

    1. whether this can be controlled programatically by an app which uses the WebBrowser control,
    2. whether there is an option in Internet Explorer to switch this back to allowing drag of all links, and/or
    3. why Microsoft decided to make this change

    I also note that on a server with ESC enabled, all links can be dragged if the site is added to the trusted zone, but none can be dragged (not even http[s]) if you don't.

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