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Easy Transfer Cable as Ethernet Adapter

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    I have a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable (Prolific PL-25A1 Chipset) for Windows 8 (Belkin part number F4U060). When I attach this cable to a Linux computer it uses the plusb driver and I am able to assign an IP address to an adapter labeled usb0. When I attach this cable to Windows (Windows 8) I find a "Transfer Cable" listed in Device Manager but the device doesn't show up under Network Connections. I realize that the transfercable.inf driver is for special use (file transfer) but obviously this cable can perform as a network interface. I'm wondering if there is an alternate Microsoft driver I can assign so this cable will be recognized as a USB Host to Host Bridge Cable. 

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    Ion Todirel

    why bother, use a crossover cable?

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    For actual answer, vendor provided drivers decide what functionalities to provide in most hardware in Windows. (This is confirmed by reading the chip's datasheet, where the chip identified itself as class FFh (Not Defined), so no generic driver is applicable)

    In other words, if either this hardware don't register itself as network/multifuncational device or the vendor don't provide such driver, you can't do this.

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