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Errors: The type or namespace name 'KinectSensorManager' could not be found

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    I've got errors: The type or namespace name 'KinectSensorManager' could not be found (are you missing an assembly or an assembly reference?)

    I have these referenced:

    using Microsoft.Kinect;
    using Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers;
    using Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit;

    My piece of code:

    public KinectSensorManager KinectSensorManager
    get { return (KinectSensorManager)GetValue(KinectSensorManagerProperty); }
    set { SetValue(KinectSensorManagerProperty, value); }

    The very first KinectSensorManager is the error and has a blue underline. But others KinectSensorManager are not errors.

    Does anyone know what is wrong?


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