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Get Name of Dependency Property

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    For a project I need to get the Name of a DependencyProperty. but I can't figure out how. It is a WinRt project.

    I need some way to retrieve the name "VerticalLines" I used in the following RegisterAttached.

     public static Dictionary<int, int> GetVerticalLines(DependencyObject obj)
                return (Dictionary<int, int>)obj.GetValue(VerticalLinesProperty);
            public static void SetVerticalLines(DependencyObject obj, Dictionary<int, int> value)
                obj.SetValue(VerticalLinesProperty, value);
            public static readonly DependencyProperty VerticalLinesProperty =
                DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached("VerticalLines", typeof(Dictionary<int, int>), typeof(ResizeBehavior), new PropertyMetadata(new Dictionary<int, int>()));

    Thanks in advance,


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    Sven Groot

    How about VerticalLinesProperty.Name?

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    @Sven Groot: The Name property isn't supported in winrt...

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