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View Thread: Help on how to properly save alot of data and best way to retrieve it
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    Hello everyone I have been taking courses here on channel 9 for quite awhile now. I feel I am ready as far as knowing enough to get started on a program for me and my studio. What I want to do is input all of my operating systems, games, programs and vst-vsti's(effects and instruments for audio programs). I have  5  large cd books with 4 cd/dvd's per page as well as quite a bit on harddrive (download from places like amazon). It can get very daunting to find exactly what I want when I want .So here is the idea I had, I want to take every piece of software  I have and input it into a program via a gui, when all software is input, I want to be able to retrieve it by the name of the piece of software, I also want to be able to retreive them by type for example  if I want to install a reverb in cubase I can just search my vst list to find a good reverb to install. As well as display what book or directory on my harddrive the software resides. Now I don't expect anyone to explain how to write the actual code as I feel I can get there on my own at this point. The problem I am having is how to store this information. Would using classes work to input and export the software info into access files? Any help on the best way to store this much information would be a huge help. I never had to work with even close to this much data. Thanks in advance. I look forward to becoming a part of this community.