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View Thread: How can I combine 2 ObservableCollections side by side?
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    Thanks Herbie for your response.  I have tried this and many other permutations.  I have been unable to get the Wrapper class to look and act like a single ObservableCollection to the rest of the system.  Change notifications did not seem to get through the Wrapper and the pointer to which object within the ObservableCollections was not staying in sync.  I tried all kinds of things adding band aids to the point that it was so convoluted that I could no longer follow what was happening.  It seemed to me that as extensive as the .NET framework is that this feature would be there somewhere.  I just did not know what to call it or where to look.  So I asked this question.  Maybe I'm the only one that needs to bring data together like.

    Any additional help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.