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View Thread: How do I get search engine results programatically?
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    I do not use screenscraping.  I use the c# WebBrowser class and I get the HTML after I use this class to navagate to a URL.  I was able to use yandex by using a "&p=" to navagate to a particular page.

    The duckduckgo search engine does not work this way, though.

    I have found out how to make a specialized query for YANDEX in a modified URL.  I will ask DUCKDUCKGO for advice. does not provide a solution.

    Running this, , in a browser's address bar does not provide anything as does.

    This shouldn't be rocket science.  I am able to see the HTML code.  Shouldn't there be some sort of AJAX tag in the HTML that I can find to make use of?