How do I set up ACS in SQL Azure?

I am trying  a code sample from Azure that is to create a custom Login Page in ASP.NET and MVC 3.

It claims to use the ACS Management Portal. It instructs to log on to the my Azure homepage and "navigate to the Service Bus, Access Control and Cashing section."  Where is that?  I do not see this on my Azure homepage.

The example is listed here:

The step says:

To configure the sample via the ACS Management Portal

  1. Open a browser, navigate to the Windows Azure homepage (, and sign in. Navigate to the Service Bus, Access Control, and Caching section to configure your ACS service namespace. Once you have created a namespace, select it and click Manage > Access Control Service, located at the top of the page. This will launch the page in a new window.



 Where is that?  I do not see this on my Azure homepage that I am instructed to navigate to.