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How do you output the contents of a Dictionary class?

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    This is kind of a follow up to this post:

    Once I have the data nice and sorted like I want it, how do I spew it back out in the nice and ordered fashion?

    In C#, how do you output the contents of a Dictionary class?

    Once you have loaded a Dictionary class with keys and values, how do I cycle through them and output the individual values in a foreach loop?


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    Something like


    foreach (var key in dictionary.Keys)
        var value = dictionary[key];
        // Output value however you want


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    what's so difficult about foreach ?

                foreach (var i in dict) {
                    var key = i.Key;
                    var val = i.Value;

    wait a minute, you want to sort a dictionary ?? are you sure dictionary is the data structure you want ?

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    If you want to sort it, that's easy too

    foreach(var key in dictionary.Keys.SortBy( ... ) )
      var value = dictionary[key];
      // output value however you want.

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    There's a SortedDictionary that is implemented using a tree so that the dictionary is sorted by the key. There's tradeoffs between using trees and hashtables, so be sure which data structure you really want before blindly switching. With a SortedDictionary you'd just use foreach to iterate over the KeyValuePair items in the dictionary, or use the Keys or Values properties to iterate over just the key or just the value.

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