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How much time off AFTER tech school?

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    I am planning on getting married right after tech school.

    For a wedding, can i expect time off for it?
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    Your name implies you're born in 1988, which implies you're 22, which means you'd be graduating Higher Education this spring (congrats, btw). are you currently employed or what? Your post doesn't say. Schools, universities, and colleges certainly don't allow time off for weddings (a couple in my year got married last year, they did it all on a weekend) and corporations generally have the same opinion: it's not like getting sick, getting married is something you opt for, why should the company let you have that for free (and make your coworkers pick up your work)?

    Alas no, this is exactly what the time-bank or vacation days are for. If you're graduating now-ish then you'd be a recent hire, and I don't think a company would take too kindly to hiring a fresh graduate only to hear him ask for time off straight away (this is exactly what happened in the first episode of Frasier). So even though you do get vacation days, it would be a really poor move to use them straight away.

    Idea: put it off until Christmas 2011, that way you get two special occasions on the same date (no more forgetting), you get a proper 'white wedding' (assuming it snows) and you can save money by saying something is both a wedding anniversary and christmas present).

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    @jameswilson88: The company I work at doesn't let new hires take any paid time-off during the first 6 months of employment. If you do already have a job lined up, check with their HR department and your future boss. You may be able to change your start date, or work out some unpaid time-off. I wouldn't expect too much though.

    If you don't already have a job, then definitely don't start working until you're able to commit to it. It looks really bad for a new employee to go through orientation and then take a week off.

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