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View Thread: I always get a black backgraound with DrawingContext in WPF
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    I SOLVED IT !!! here is the event handler:

       Protected Overrides Sub OnMouseLeftButtonDown(e As MouseButtonEventArgs)
          Dim location As Point = e.GetPosition(Me)
          Dim result As HitTestResult = VisualTreeHelper.HitTest(Me, location)
          Dim hitVisual As DrawingVisual = TryCast(result.VisualHit, DrawingVisual)
          If result.VisualHit.[GetType]() = GetType(DrawingVisual) And Not hitVisual.Equals(visBackground) Then
          End If
       End Sub

    Duh: RemoveVisualChild and RemoveLogicalChild. I test for the background to prevent it being deleted. If I want to change the color or other feature of the object, I can delete it and draw again. I don't think the deletion could be noticed. I am working on a generalized example to post. Thanks for helping me on this. Dexter, I'm glad you did that test. Ill have to play around more with this.