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View Thread: _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL error converting VC++6.0 to VC++ 2010
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    Before I saw your reply I deleted the project and reconverted it from VC++ 6.0 to VC++ 2010.  I have been able to build it with some success,  but not without issues still.  Below is a new thread that discusses what I mean.  

    Error MSB3073 exited with code 3

    However, I had already compared all those settings you suggested and they were all set correctly, and my newly converted project have the settings correct as well.  No mixing of Debug/Release that I can tell. 

    However, I do believe but I'm not entirely sure since I reconverted my project that I had included "libcpmt.lib" listed in Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies.  According to another developer suggestion that may have been the issue, so it wasn't included this time around.