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Imp GridView Performance Improve

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    I am using grid view with sql datasource, this gridview will be triggered on update of any of the 6 dropdowns filters and I am using update panel and trigger to update on selectedindexchange event but all this does not seem to be working efficiently.

    When I change a filter dropdown the gridview take about 20 sec to reload itself which is very bad.

    Please suggest how I can imporve its performance and I know there are not many records also.

    I am open to consider a different solution also.

    The sqldatasource procedure takes around 6sec but the remaining time is delay with gridview and this is not accepted.

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    Enable tracing and see where most time is spend while loading the page.

    How many records are in the gridview?

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    It takes 10-12 sec to load 100 records 

    Tracing is not helping me

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    Post some code.

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