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Improvments to the Hamburger Menu Given in Lesson

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    So I really like the implementation of the hamburger menu that is presented in the link below. It is easy and understandable. I was wondering about two things and I have tried different things with no luck. Note that I am new to XAML so It might look simple but I just don't know enough right now.

    1. Is there a way to put some buttons at the bottom such as in the news app?

    2. How to stop the animation of pressing a button? it kind goes smaller a little bit when you press it. The implementation uses a button for the hamburger button. I guess I can use a textblock but then you would have to deal with background color too :)

    p.s. I understand that there are other implementations that make it easy to do #1. I was wondering if there is a fix for this one in particular. I especially like this one for its use of lists.


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