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View Thread: Is LightSwitch Useless?
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    , SimonJ wrote

    I would have to disagree. It is just about the fastest deveopment tool available for making "forms over data" applications for businesses. A big, all-singing, all-dancing development environment it is not - making it much faster and a lot easier to use PROVIDED you use it for what it was intended.

    If you think it is pointless then you either haven't tried it or you aren't in its target market.


    I would have to disagree. LightSwitch is built on the now dead product that is Silverlight. I had to make a choice a little while back and went with ASP.NET because of this. That it is being migrated to HTML 5 means that it is already a dead technology, as HTML 5 is unproven, incomplete and nowhere near finalised.

    There are a lot of system architects (myself included) that have egg on their faces for suggesting customers use a technology like Silverlight, so you won't find people waxing lyrical about LightSwitch that don't work for Microsoft.