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Linq - What DOES it work with?

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    So I've been looking at using Linq with MySQL, which you cannot do without third party hacks. So I started researching a little deeper and discovered the list of things which Linq doesn't work with is larger than the list of things it does (MS Access, MS SQL Express, Data Sources, Postgres, etc all denied). Essentially it is MS SQL or it won't do anything.   

    So what is the point of Linq then? Why should I learn this technology that is more or less completely isolated?

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    Dr Herbie

    By Linq, I assume you mean only Ling to SQL?

    We use Linq in our code against objects and typed datasets. I have also used LinqtoXML for file parsing. It's a nice technology for these.


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    MS SQL Express

    SQL Server Express is SQL Server, and Linq-to-SQL works fine with it.

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    @ManipUni: Linq is a lot more than Linq-to-SQL. It can be used on any of the built-in collection classes, the ADO.NET classes, etc. I use it quite often to find certain items in a collection without making a for each loop with a bunch of if statements.

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    @ManipUni: A key facet to any developer C++ C# or Java is looping a dataset for a single or more results. Using Linq means complext code is far more readable, and because it is composable units of cork can frequently be run in parallel.

    I started off in ASP.NET->Winforms + SQL->WPF + SQL -> WPF + Pure C# and most of our codebase is simply littered with Linq to objects, but we make a lot of custom controls.

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    The point of Linq to SQL, specifically, is that it avoids a lot of the boilerplate crap you have to write to get data out of a db and into an object so you can do something useful with it.  Other than to play around with LINQPad, I've never really worked with Linq to SQL, but I use Linq to objects and (especially) Linq to xml quite often.  If you never use Linq to SQL, you'll not be missing much, however, as I've heard it's a bit of the red-headed stepchild in the ORM world.

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    Linq is all about defering the execution of a query, and being able to pass the query around in a standardised, composable form that can be examined later.

    Have a look at something like or Bart de Smet's talk

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