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MDS how to exactly update dimension and facts?

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    I want to use MDS 2012 together with data warehouse and I got a very good overview from here

    But I have specific questions (plenty of them! but I will limit them to three). My understanding is that I extract dimension data from MDS directly and then load facts from source system...

    Question 1: Does it mean my data warehouse is exact mirror of MDS dimensions (The only additional field will be surrogate key in DataWarehouse that I will use for fact table that I won't have in MDS?)

    Question 2: What if I have business keys for a dimension that in source that don't exist in MDS? Do I load it to data warehouse (isInferred = yes)? or MDS? 

    Question 3: Can someone give me a real life example where I would use DQS and where would fit if I have MDS with data warehouse? 

    I've very keen to use MDS 2012 as I see a real value in it but I still have so many questions...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



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