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View Thread: Microsoft Access and the new Office 2013
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    So am i reading the info right ?   Access is no longer a seperate DB using JET ?">

    says "In an on-premise environment, Access 2013 Preview apps are hosted by SharePoint 2013 Preview while the data is stored in SQL Server 2012. SharePoint 2013 Preview provides authentication, authorization, and security for Access 2013 Preview apps. The back-end tables, views, macros, and queries are stored in an SQL Server 2012 database."

    while i know that access gets a bad rap due to users creating bad apps and stuff but i also know that there have been some great small apps that would never have been done if the author had to get the data on the centeral IT servers.....  so in a way i guess access is now really gone. 

    RIP JET.

     and also:  so why did they not merge LightSwitch and Access into one authoring system ?? seems like they are almost going to duplicate many of the same functions and tasks and such.....