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Microsoft FileSynchronization framework -- http protocol

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    Am looking to use the FileSynch service to sync files between remote machines. I guess over the network it would use the default windows SMB protocol. But if I need it to use the HTTP protocol for file transfer over a particular port, would I need to write custom code for this? Or the framework handles this on its own? If it handles on its own, where do I specify the port number?

    Thanks for your replies in advance.

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    are you referring to the Sync Framework or to some other api  / SDK ?

    make sure it's still actively supported. SYnc was created in 2009 and I have not seen or heard any recent work on it.

    just check and make sure it will be ok to use and are they still updating it.

    over the internet you may need a "hub" that clients connect to. you might also look into Azure as it has options to store files in the cloud and then multiple clients can pull from that common file store.

    depends of course on what you are doing.


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