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Solved: RESTful WCF implementation through MEF

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    I've been spending the last 3 hours reading 30 unique examples of combining the new WebHttp API in .NET 4 (a.k.a REST) with MEF (yet another IoC framework).

    (Global.asax.cs)     var configuration = HttpHostConfiguration.Create()  
        .SetResourceFactory(new MyCustomResourceFactory(container));  
    RouteTable.Routes.MapServiceRoute<ContactsResource>("contacts", configuration);

    This example does exactly what I want. But HttpHostConfiguration and the MapServiceRoute both seem to be deprecated (Probably a part of the old starter kit). I cant use the normal ServiceRoute because that requires a class, but all I got is a interface since they are loosely coupled.

    I have also tried implementing the IInstanceProvider but to no avail.

    This is my last resort, google is refusing to help me. :argh:

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    I was missing the WCF Web API (Preview 4) It was surprisingly hard to find!

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