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Namespaces in VB a question and and suggestion

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    In C# when you create a new class, the IDE inserts namespace for you.  And the namespace is the folder structure in the solution.   Is this possible to do in VB ?    

    I know what namespaces in VB is different then C#, but it should be possible to insert a parameter into the templates to do this ? 

    Anybody done this ?  

    For future versions of VB I really hope they will include this.     We use namespaces in VB also  Smiley





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    @steinvk: you can wrap a class in the namespace/end namespace construct.  isn't that what you want?

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    You could update the wizards provided with Visual Studio.

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    Sorry if I was unclear   Smiley

    I want VB to behave like C# when I add a new class to my solution.

    i.e    I have a folder called   Views   in my solution.

    When I add a new class to the Views folder I want VB to insert

    namespace  Views

    public class MyNewClass

    End Class

    end namespace

    This is what C# does when you add a new class to a C# solution.

    I know that VB don't do this by default now and I haven't found a way to add this to the templates either




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