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    @sysrpl /ignore <- see easy

    , AdamSpeight2008 wrote

    Since LINQ is a library of functions (incase of .net utilising IEnumerable and IEnumerator).

    Right, linq for .net utilizes what  already existed in .net.  Your point? 

    How is different to learn a new library? @c_str 

     C and C++ is full of libraries developers have the potental to learn. 

    Do you mean difficult?   It really depends on the library.  

    For example the multiple libraries  for C++ that support LINQ  that are compliment with the STL.



    From a maintainability standpoint, the last two example @syspri provides are much simpler.


    auto complete is going to work? 

    Effectively throwing away most of a language is going to help improve maintainability?