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Office 365 Single-Sign On - Please Help!

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    Hi all,

    I am developing a cloud-based service for small businesses. One of the features I'd like to implement is for Office 365 subscribers to be able to sign in to my service with their Office 365 credentials, similar to how web sites allow users to sign in with their Facebook credentials. 

    I have found extensive documentation on SSO between Active Directory and Office 365 - but nothing between Office 365 and a third-party website! Microsoft already have Live ID but I believe that Office 365 is using a different system. Is this correct?

    I already have Google Apps SSO up and working but Office 365 is such a huge market and I would dearly love to offer Office 365 support. 

    If you guys, or anyone from Microsoft is reading this, can help, I'd appreciate any pointers.



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    So not an exact answer, but ...

     Single sign on across applications. Even though they may not realize Windows Azure Active Directory is there, organizations and users quickly get a lot of value from the common user experiences that the directory enables. All the applications in Office 365—Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Office Web Apps—work with Windows Azure Active Directory, so users get single sign on. Moreover, advanced Active Directory capabilities like information protection are available using this common identity. The Windows Azure Active Directory SSO capability can be used by any application, from Microsoft or a third party running on any technology base. So if a user is signed in to one application and moves to another, the user doesn't have to sign in again. 

    I'd watch for discussion at TechEd next week..

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    Hi and thanks for the link!

    It looks like Microsoft may be shipping the functionality Smiley I certainly hope so as it would a boon both for us third-party vendors to hook into Microsoft's SSO and also for Microsoft to have more vendors building on Microsoft's platform,.

    Looking forward to TechEd.




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