What I have now is just rudimentary to get everthing working. The full functionality will come later. It will be like a drawing or CAD program. (Sorry for not saying exactly what it will do.) This is the XAML and derived class. drawingSurface is my instance of my DrawingCanvas class and is standard boiler plate:

<Window x:Class="MainWindow"
    Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525">
    <DockPanel HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Name="DockPanel1" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" >
        <local:DrawingCanvas  x:Name="drawingSurface" DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" Background="AliceBlue"  >

Public Class DrawingCanvas
    Inherits Canvas

    Private visuals As New List(Of Visual)()
    Private hits As New List(Of DrawingVisual)()

    Protected Overrides Function GetVisualChild(ByVal index As Integer) As Visual
        Return visuals(index)
    End Function

    Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property VisualChildrenCount() As Integer
            Return visuals.Count
        End Get
    End Property

    Public Sub AddVisual(ByVal visual As Visual)
    End Sub

    Public Sub DeleteVisual(ByVal visual As Visual)
    End Sub

    Public Function GetVisual(ByVal point As Point) As DrawingVisual
        Dim hitResult As HitTestResult = VisualTreeHelper.HitTest(Me, point)
        Return TryCast(hitResult.VisualHit, DrawingVisual)
    End Function

    Public Function GetVisuals(ByVal region As Geometry) As List(Of DrawingVisual)
        Dim parameters As New GeometryHitTestParameters(region)
        Dim callback As New HitTestResultCallback(AddressOf Me.HitTestCallback)
        VisualTreeHelper.HitTest(Me, Nothing, callback, parameters)
        Return hits
    End Function

    Private Function HitTestCallback(ByVal result As HitTestResult) As HitTestResultBehavior
        Dim geometryResult As GeometryHitTestResult = CType(result, GeometryHitTestResult)
        Dim visual As DrawingVisual = TryCast(result.VisualHit, DrawingVisual)
        If visual IsNot Nothing AndAlso geometryResult.IntersectionDetail = IntersectionDetail.FullyInside Then
        End If
        Return HitTestResultBehavior.Continue
    End Function
End Class

Here is the main code that will have the functionality:

Imports System.Globalization
Class MainWindow
    Public visRectangle As DrawingVisual
    Private brTomato As Brush = Brushes.Tomato
    Private pen As Pen = New Pen(Brushes.SteelBlue, 3)

    Public Sub New()
        ' Draw a sample visual.
        Using dc As DrawingContext = visRectangle.RenderOpen
            dc.DrawRectangle(brTomato, pen, New Rect(20, 20, 50, 50))
        End Using

        ' Draw a textbox.
        Dim tb As TextBox = New TextBox
        Dim brush As Brush = Brushes.Black
        Dim drawingPen As Pen = New Pen(Brushes.Green, 3)
        tb.Text = "Doh!"
        tb.Name = "someBox"
        Canvas.SetTop(tb, 10)
        Canvas.SetLeft(tb, 10)
        tb.Background = System.Windows.Media.Brushes.AliceBlue
    End Sub
End Class