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Problem playing songs with xbox music

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    Every time I want to play a song I get this message. As you might have guessed the commercials play fine. Clicking on the link brings me to a generic Xbox error website. What's going on?Generic Forum Image

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    @ZippyV: Maybe some localization error? It's working fine for me in the US.

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    I found the cause of the error: I was logged in with Remote Desktop. If I login locally the music plays fine. Maybe it's some kind of copy protection.

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    Windows 8 - Xbox Music - Playback not possible

    0xc00d11cd - 0x80004002

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    Actually it started playing for me if I login with remote desktop but set "Play on remote computer" remote connection audio setting (You'll find it when creating remote connection, click Options->Local Resources->Settings)

    My exact error code was also 0xc00d11cd - 0x80004002

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