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Question in Windows Phone ToolKit: MultiselectItem with WCF

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    I have a question around MultiselectItem control for the Windows Phone Toolkit, I have exposed a SQL server 2008 R2 throw WCF and I want to bind this information to the MultiselectItem control. What I did so far is this:-


    <toolkit:MultiselectList Name="multiSelectionList">



             <toolkit:MultiselectItem Content="{Binding Name}" />





    So far nothing is showing when I am trying to test it using the Windows Phone emulator, by which it I assume something wrong with the xaml code (I did test the WCF service and it is working).

     Please advise me, thanks.

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    I'm not familiar with that control, but don't you need to bind to the ItemsSource property of the list?

    <toolkit:MultiselectList ItemsSource="{Binding myList}">

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    @whiteBox85: the multiselect list is an items control, and you bind to it as spivonious has mentioned. If you need to so this in code, there is an example here

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