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    Ion Todirel

    , haroldshenry wrote

    I'm just speaking my own experience: object-orientation is good when I don't have to care about what's happening at the machine level.  If I have to care, C is the language I choose. Still.

    Not in C++, OO is there, but that doesn't mean you have to use it, and it also doesn't mean you pay anything for having it there and not using it. C++ is far more than just OO.

    Seems like your problem is thinking at a higher level of abstraction and not being exposed and experienced in different problem domains, I suggest going to the far opposite, pick a very high level language like C# and above, JavaScript, Python etc. Or maybe try doing some web development, it's always a good idea to switch once in awhile. I think only then you will come back and appreciate C++, the same way you grew fond of C after using assembly. Right now you are sort of in "denial", there's no "one fit all", even in one problem domain like high performance and real-time computing.