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Removing a Virtual Machine

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    I have deleted a Virtual Maching from Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2  I stopped it and then then deleted it.   I went one step further and found the corresponding file on the hard drive and deleted it to free up more space.

    Here is the rub.  When I restart the computer and the Windows Server 2008 does its error checking, it says that there are errors.  One of the errors is that it cannot find the Virutal Machine that I had just removed. 

    I checked the registry for an occurance of the name of the removed virtual machine and it cannot find it.  So I do not know where the OS is getting this machine name.

    It also does not appear in the list of Vurtual Machines I have in the Server Manager.

    How do I remove this virtual machine completely from my system?

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