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Rx Extensions Questions (on WP7 platform)

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    Problems with code;
         1) Hangs it does not make it to 'CHECKPOINT A' and 'CHECKPOINT C' in code below, if I replace o.Subscribe() with o.First() it works any ideas?  Problem with this is handle can be overwritten.
         2)  How can an Observable dispose of itself (see CHECKPOINT B in code)? I had to comment out 'this.Dispose()' because it gives syntax error. I created IDisposable 'handle' as class member Instead and the Observable calls handle.Dispose().


    The code will run on a windows phone 7 device.


    Thanks for Any help appreciated code below;


        /// <summary>
        /// objective of this code is to execute a task in background and call dispose on self
        /// when done.
        /// </summary>
        static class SomeClass
            private static IDisposable handle;
            public static void DoTaskAsyncly()
                var o = Observable.Start(() =>
                    /* Do Some Labor Intensive Task ... */
                    /* CHECKPOINT A */
                    /* CHECKPOINT B */
                    // Dispose myself now because I want is basically go and forget.
                    // this.Dispose();
                /* CHECKPOINT C */
                handle = o.Subscribe(); // << this does not start the task!!!! but .First() does



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