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View Thread: SkyDrive: What happens to a synced folder, if the PC dies?
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    , RodAtWork wrote

    I've got a 3 year old PC I use for development.  Its been fine, but is beginning to show some problems.  I've not synced any folders with SkyDrive, because I'm very concerned what happen if I loose my HD or the PC suddenly and fatally crashes.  Will I loose all of the files and folders in a synced folder from SkyDrive?  The folder I want to sync will have vital documentation in it, which I can't loose, so I don't want SkyDrive thinking that just because the HD may disappear on me, it should then blow it away out of my SkyDrive.


    then start making backups .....  While SkyDrive can help why not burn a DVD of files each week or so as they change ??

    and get a spare drive like an external E-Sata drive and image the system to that ...