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View Thread: Stored credentials under my user profile when setting up Windows XP Mode
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    I'm working on getting Windows XP Mode installed on my 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine.  I've made sure that the BIOS is OK, downloaded and installed both Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.  Next I started setting it up.  I got a message  talking to me about where to set up the credentials, an administative account, etc.  My problem is that my C: drive isn't big enough for how large I want to make my virtual PC.  However, my PC does have 2 HD's, and my secondary HD (my D: drive) has plenty of free disk space, so I want to put as much as possible onto my D: drive.  My question is how do I make certain that as much as possible gets onto the D: drive?  Will putting the credentials under my profile, put the virtual drive there?