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View Thread: SuperFetch in windows 7, does it really do any good work ?
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    AndyC wrote

    *sigh* if you're going to sign up for a new account pretending to be someone new to the community, it helps not to mention a comment from the end of an obscure thread pretty much only a handful of people would have read. </freeadvice>

    wow, first i'm a spammer and now i'm pretending to be somebody else.

    While i did expect this based on how other people were treated, it is still disappointing to be right.
    This microsoft community seem to be full of judgy people with preconceived opinions, among other things.

    If the APIs were missing, how would SuperFetch work? It's entirely possible to write a replacement for it, although the phrase "reinventing the wheel" would seem to apply.

    I mean publicly open and supported APIs that non-microsoft devs have access to.

    The way SuperFetch have been explained tells me it might not be possible to write it from scratch by a using publicly documented api's.

    I would be very interested if somebody have reversed engineered SuperFetch. While samples are at least something (many samples are of very low quality), real use drivers are far better at educating devs for obvious reasons.

    FYI:"reinventing the wheel" can actually make it better. Have you seen future air plane designs that are more efficient than normal air planes ?
    When it's done right you can get positive results.

    You're trading performance in one area (disk caching) for another (absolutely everything else that requires RAM). It might appear faster in isolated benchmarks or over short periods of time, but under real world usage ramdisk type approaches sacrifice far more performance than they gain.

    That does not make sense at all. With enough ram and a smart use of it you can gain performance. For instance I know some that use ram disks to reduce load time in games. They load the ram disk with the game they want to play.
    My disk speed 80 mb/s, my ram speed through a ram disk 5000mb/s
    Not even ssd disks can come up to that ram speed, not even close ! Theoretical limit of SATA3 is 768 mb/s, i've seen no disks that use that speed.

    Do you have any facts / numbers to back up your claim ?


    Sven Groot wrote

    Also, using the term "greedy evil company" to refer to the organization hosting the forum in your first post ever is not a good way to make a good first impression on a forum.

    First impressions are overrated and quite illogical to base your opinion of a person on.
    I tell it how i observe it. Microsoft fan boys with their unhealthy thinking can bite me.

    "If you do not want to be called a murderer than stop killing people!" - Can't remember the author name

    It would be refreshing if companies would be honest and tell people the truth without spins or vague language omitting important details and exceptions.


    I've considered that approach already, it is too subjective to be of any real use.
    Like how it feels faster after installing a performance update or trying a "new" phone (, remember Mojave Experiment anyone ?

    Feelings should not have anything to do with performance testing.

    I want quantifiable measurements. Things that can be verifiable that do not depend on the day of time, position of the moon and the stars or blood sugar and hormone levels.

    I can't understand why microsoft have not added performance counters to SuperFetch yet. They must have used something to test its performance with, why permanently disable that ?!
    Why not allow neutral parties access to it ?



    This will most likely be misinterpreted or twisted in some way but that will only prove my point so here goes:
    Honestly, i came to this 'tech off' sub forum to get my tech question answered, exchange information, not to hear all your preconceived opinions of me,  to become your BFF, to stroke anyone's over-sized mentally unhealthy ego or anything else.

    If i wanted an invalid opinion of myself i would have asked for one.

    How come these days you have to stroke egos, be BFF's, kiss * or threaten life or job in order to get your questions answered ?

    A few years ago you could ask a question, get an answer, say 'thank you' and move on.

    Very frustrating and time consuming when every thread have to repeat the same thing over and over again. Ask question -> people coming with unnecessary things -> answering those or making them go away -> getting on topic -> provide more information -> than a may be answer

    Yes, i'm cranky now, if this was your goal than you have succeeded.
    Hope you are happy. This thread will most likely die now.

    People wonder why i'm cranky all the time and dislike and avoid internet "communities".